The Different Games of Bingo

With so many new players signing up for online bingo games, its hard not to dismiss the excitement that comes with it. Whether a person has been playing the traditional bingo on paper, it is the same as online bingo. As long as the games are of the bingo theme, all are played in the same way except for the way it is presented.

In bingo, there are several ways the game can be played. The first bingo game is called "cover all". This is a very simple game to follow for all one has to do is cover all the numbers on the card to get a win. The first person to do so gets the jackpot. The entire bingo card has to be filled up.

This is usually the longest game in bingo because all the numbers have to be called out. The odds of one winning in the game are an estimated fifty/fifty so there is no need to purchase extra bingo cards. In online bingo, the moment the 41st ball is called and there is no winner, the jackpot is reduced.

The "cross" is the next game in bingo. The way this game is played is to literally block out the numbers so that it resembles a cross. The column that contains the letter N and blocks B3 to O3 are all the squares that are blocked out. This is the simple cross bingo. The "diamond" is another online bingo game where players have to literally make a diamond on the bingo card. This shape or game is one of the quickest since few numbers are called. In this game, it is a good idea to get additional cards.

"Four Corners" is another game that requires players to fill in the four corners on the bingo card. These spaces are B1, B5, O1, and O5.This is a very fast online bingo game.

For regular online bingo, the normal ways wherein one can win is to get any five numbers in a row either vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. A player that gets any of the three variants is the winner.

The "winners circle" is the last type of game that can be played in bingo and it involves the blocking out of columns B and O and the first and last spaces of I, N, and G. This forms the shape of a circle.

These are the basic games or shapes of bingo. The variety of the games are what keeps the players coming back for more. Sometimes the shapes or games may be varied a but as long as the basic core rules are intact, the game is permitted.

Players should keep in mind that bingo is a game that does not require much strategy but an alert mind.