How to be a Better Bingo Player

One extraordinary thing about bingo as a game of chance is its wholesome image. It is played by community members in the church courtyard as often as it is played in big stakes gambling in Indian gaming casinos. Just like any casino game, bingo has its own rules and rituals but unlike other random number game such as slots or lotto, the bingo player will invariably be involved in a lot more social interaction with other players and the bingo staff. It would do the aspiring bingo professional well to know what to expect and how to prepare for a game.

It pays to come early in the bingo hall because it gives you enough time to look for choice seats. If you are a bit hard of hearing, there is much wisdom seating next to the caller. However, if somebody taps your shoulder and tells you that you have taken his lucky seat, it is normally wise to graciously give it up with a smile and just patiently look for another. If you have finally found one, prepare your bingo materials by fastening your cards on the table with a tape of a glue stick that you thoughtfully brought along for this purpose. If you have any good luck charms, it is common practice to spread them out on the table so that Lady Luck will readily notice you when she passes by. Then if you feel like it, socialize and make friends as much as you want with other bingo hall regulars because that friendship ends when the bingo game begins.

Hopefully, you have had a good night's rest, and remember to keep away from alcoholic drinks in order to stay alert and be on your toes. It would really be a shame if you sleep on your bingo cards and realize later that you have just missed the jackpot. While you might have that tendency to try to beat the odds by playing multiple bingo cards, refrain from playing more than what you can comfortably track. It would be pretty annoying to others for you to hold up the game by frequently asking the caller to wait up a wee bit because you have trouble keeping up. But if there is really just cause to call the attention of the caller like in cases when another player gets a bingo unfairly, do not hesitate to speak up.

Try to maintain a mental picture of the pattern while keeping up with the caller. This can be rather confusing, so predaub all the squares on the card you don't need to help you visualize the pattern. While bingo is a relatively simple game to play, the crowd of players is pretty much distracting, that is why the challenge of this game is to maintain your focus and concentration.