Bingo Player's Beliefs and Superstitions

Sometimes while playing bingo, you may notice that some players seem to have all the luck and seem to win all the time no matter where they sit or how may cards they have in hand. There's no explaining about their fate it is just dumb luck and no one can figure out how they do it. Most of us who are not that lucky always still aspire and hope to be lucky next time. Below are some ways that some players use and believe to improve their odds.

Lucky charms. Some data shows that three out of four people carry with them a certain lucky charm even if they won't admit it. Some students also believe that they perform better on exams when they wear a certain lucky sock, or use a special lucky pen. In bingo, just by judging from the clutter on the bingo table, one may understand that there is an unwritten rule that all lucky charms must be visible and displayed during the entire game. No one can be sure what a particular person deems lucky, there are troll dolls, gemstones, four-leaf clover key chains, dice, rabbit's feet, etc. that you will find displayed in their table.

Lucky chairs. Some people have a favorite seat that they choose to sit every time they play bingo in the bingo hall. They somewhat believe that sitting on that seat will make them lucky. So, if you happen to be a first timer, be warned. You might be tapped on the shoulder by a player who's been sitting on that seat every Saturday night for the past 3 years. It is always a good idea to gracefully vacate that seat and look for your own lucky seat. Actually, whether a seat is lucky for that person or for you cannot be proved. But one thing that has been observed is that a person sitting in his lucky seat feels comfortable and can concentrate more that when he is seated in a different seat and worries about bad karma while playing. Players who are not seated on their lucky seats and lose might take it on their seat and bad karma.

Lucky Coin. Some bingo players who believe in a lucky coin have a coin displayed in a pattern on top of their cards but there are others who believed that leaving money on the money will curse them and will give them bad luck.

Whatever are their beliefs, it sure make them comfortable while playing and can make them enjoy their game because by following their beliefs they believe that they have a lot of luck to win.